Sunday, 15 February 2009

A very strange Horoscope indeed.....

Like most of us I do enjoy looking at my stars for the day. I was perusing a website this evening and came across an absolutely bizarre horoscope reading for Taurus. I thought I would share it with you, it read.....

"An overwhelming desire to be alone could be the result of some shocking news. Someone has done something totally out of character, and you are not sure how to process it. There will be a murder in your immediate family this week. Have you an Uncle Derek or an Auntie Pam?. If so, on no account visit them, even if they promise to revise their wills in your favour.

On a brighter note this is a good time of the year to start dieting. With the moon in Saturn edging you ever closer to Mars this is the time to lose that unsightly fat around your midriff.

Let’s face it your partner has lost all interest in you sexually and only continues in the sham you call a marriage because they haven’t sorted out alternative accommodation yet".

I can only hope this is a Spoof as I do unfortunately have an Uncle Derek. Richard assures me there is absolutely no truth in the last paragraph..... This is one thing I do love about the internet, you can find all sorts of mad and crazy sites if you look hard enough.

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  1. This is something I have always admired about you: ability to turn the most ordinary event into something witty and funny.
    Please Judy, write more... more...