Sunday, 15 February 2009

Fishing ?

Richard has threatened to take me fishing this weekend at the Aldenham Country Park Reservoir near Watford. He has become obsessed ever since meeting Talk Sport's fishing expert Keith Arthur at a Charity event last month.

When Richard used to talk about 'Wobbling his Deadbaits', I used to think I was in for a good night. Nowadays he does it to catch Pike, and to be honest I have no interest in it at all. However Richard and I have always believed that the secret of a successful marriage is joining in with the each others hobbies no matter how dull you find them. I am sure he hates Table Tennis but he has always supported me and joins in whenever possible [Even going as far as to put up a table in our conservatory].

So it’s off to the Reservoir we go. I am re-reading, 'That's Another Story' Julie Walters' autobiography. Did you know she once trained as a nurse and did the fastest ever male catheterization recorded at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham in 6.5 seconds. The patient would barely have had time to grip the side of the bed. Such a multi talented woman.

Have a good weekend, hope to write again tomorrow or early next week.

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