Sunday, 15 February 2009

An apology

I do apologize for viewers tuning in to our show this evening hoping to see me playing Suzanne Shaw at Table Tennis as I claimed earlier on this site. However when she arrived her agent said that it would not necessarily be good for her image to be seen playing Ping Pong ( and possibly losing heavily ) to a woman twice her age.

Even though I promised to go easy Suzanne could not be talked around. As you may have noticed I was a few minutes late coming onto the set and Richard, as ever, held the fort admirably. T shirt, shorts and Adidas pumps would not have been appropriate clothing for the show.

Needless to say I am bitterly disappointed.

On a brighter note negotiations to get Robert Mugabe on next month are, I am told, "at an advanced stage". It would be a real coup if we managed to get him on the show. It would certainly improve our ratings which I now must admit are quite disappointing.

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