Sunday, 15 February 2009

Simply the best guest ever.

Went out at 8:00 am this morning with husband and returned 11:00 am without husband. Left Richard with his rod in his hand hoping for a bite. It has become such an obsession that I just leave him to it now. But yes you were all right, it was extremely cold, even the Fish were shivering.

But came in to the warmest news I could possibly have heard. William 'Captain James T Kirk' Shatner has confirmed for next week. If any of you saw him on Jonathan Ross this Friday you will know why I am so excited. He is one of the funniest men around. His humour is so natural and infectious, similiar to Leslie Nielsen of Naked Gun fame. I remember interviewing him back in 1999 when we were on 'This Morning' . It is a wonderful feeling to laugh so much.

What I love about men such as Shatner and Nielsen is that their humour insults nobody. That is why I am such a big fan of the late Tommy Cooper and Eric Morecambe. I must admit I find a lot of today's comedians very offensive. It takes an intelligent mind, such as say that of Stephen Fry, to make people laugh without resorting to personal assaults, and it is a trait I greatly admire.

On the subject of Stephen Fry, I am following his twittering on Very good. It is so refreshing to have a genuine celebrity on a social network website. People often ask me if I am the real Judy Finnigan and they are right to be sceptical. I was even asked what I had tattooed on my upper thigh the other day. Well David from Portsmouth the answer is nothing, but if I did it would probably be Winston Churchill doing his famous 'Victory' salute. I hope that convinces.......

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