Sunday, 15 February 2009

Anne Diamond

The good news is that Anne Diamond has agreed to be on our show this week. The bad news is her agent has told us that we are not allowed to mention her weight or her adjustable gastric banding surgery.

We are at a loss about what questions to ask as Anne has become defined by her struggle to lose weight and considering her new publication is entitled "Winning the Fat War", it will be difficult to give her book the obligatory plug.

I am hoping my husband will work his charm and that she will be more open in her approach to the interview. A little known fact is that Richard and Anne have a history, all be it a brief one, but he has always known which buttons to press with Ms Diamond so we will wait and see. Tune in tonight to see if he has been successful. If we manage to get Anne to talk about her weight you know Richard has worked his magic yet again.

Are there any questions anyone here would like to ask Anne Diamond?

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