Sunday, 15 February 2009

Robert Glenister

Also on tonight's show is actor Robert Glenister who hopefully will be talking about his new role in "The Ethical Man", in which he plays Oscar, a Housing Officer at Haringey Council who single handedly turns around the fortunes of the residents in the deprived London Borough.

It is a little known fact that Richard and Robert were best pals back in the late 1980's. For a brief period of time they were part of the 'Madchester' scene and whenever Robert comes round to our house The Happy Monday's are always played full blast.

We had wanted to to get Shaun Ryder on the same show but to be honest he is not the safest of guests. The last time we attempted to have him on he arrived in such a state that an ambulance had to be called. Luckily actress Lesley Joseph was able to fill in at short notice. Unfortunately she had been our guest three weeks before but to be honest nobody seemed to notice.

There is an expression amongst Daytime TV presenters, "doing a Joseph". It means being available for anything at anytime..... As in, 'After I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here Christopher Biggins was 'doing a Joseph'. It is meant as a term of endearment.

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