Sunday, 15 February 2009

Today's guest...David Van Day

I know I will regret writing this but I promised myself when I started the Facebook project that I would be as honest as I possibly could be. Today's guest is David Van Day ["I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here"].

I would be lying if I said I was looking forward to interviewing him. It is known throughout show business that David is probably the most egocentric 'celebrity' around. Our very good friend Mike Nolan [singer with Bucks Fizz] was involved in a legal dispute with David back in 2002. For obvious reasons we cannot go into detail about this. Suffice to say Mr Day managed to avoid any financial penalty by declaring himself bankrupt. [What with Henry Kelly yesterday, we promise that all of our guests next week will be financially solvent].

Ofcourse I will try to be as professional as possible but sometimes we have no control over who comes on the show. Richard does not feel as strongly about our guest as I do. He feels that David simply plays a part but I am not too sure. I genuinely believe he thinks he is God's gift to women and has the voice of a young George Michael.

You are 52 years of age, 5ft 4 in height and weigh 15 and a half stone. I'm sorry Mr Day but men with BMI's of over 35 will never float my boat.

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