Sunday, 15 February 2009

My favourite ever joke ?

A few people have asked, 'Judy, what is your favourite ever joke?'.

Well to be honest there have been many over the years. Everything Tommy Cooper ever said had me in hysterics. But our son told us a joke the other day and we laughed and laughed. It went something like this.

"There are three balloons.Mummy, Daddy and Baby balloon. Over the early years Baby balloon has slept in the same bed as Mummy and Daddy balloon. Daddy balloon takes Baby balloon aside one day and tells him that he's made him a new bed and that he is to sleep there from now one.

During the night Baby balloon is scared sleeping on his own and so sneaks back into bed with Mummy and Daddy balloon. Baby balloon tries to squeeze inbetween the two of them but can't get enough room. He reaches over and let's a little air out of Mummy balloon, but to no avail he still doesn't have room. He then reaches over to Daddy balloon and lets a little air out of him. Still he can't quite fit in. Finally he lets a lot of air out off himself. He fits in nicely and falls asleep.

In the morning when Mummy and Daddy awaken they find Baby balloon in bed with them. Daddy balloon looks sad and shakes his head at Baby balloon and says.

"Son I told you to sleep in your own bed didn't I ?"
" Yes Daddy I'm sorry"
" Well son , you have let me down, you have let your mother down but most of all you have let yourself down"

What I like is that it is clean and inoffensive and very very funny, much like Richard, God bless him.

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