Sunday, 15 February 2009

Gillian McKeith

Today's guest Gillian McKeith really is the most peculiar person I have ever met [ and let me remind you that I have interviewed Patrick Moore on more than one occasion ].
Don't get me wrong, she is not unpleasant like Ricky Gervais, just odd.

For example she has a very slight facial tick which is not usually picked up on camera. This tick appeared to be activated by Richard and I showing each other any kind of affection.

She also had difficulty talking off air and refused our invitation to join us for after show drinks. It is my guess that she was bullied at school and that she has never totally recovered emotionally. Still she was cheap and the Poo game will go with me to my grave.

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  1. They say you are what you eat...Gillian should cut down on the Gerbils :-)