Sunday, 15 February 2009

Viewing Figures

A lot has been said about the poor viewing figures for our new show. But Richard and I are not at all disappointed. We realised it would take time to build up a new following on UKTV. We prepared ourselves for a slow start. And to be honest we have not been able to attract the calibre of star that we had hoped.

Last week for example we had asked our producer to invite Stephen Fry on the show but unfortunately had to settle for the ever reliable but rather dull Rowland Rivron.
This however will change as we become more established in our new time slot. 27,000 viewers may not seem a lot especially compared to the 5-6 million we were attracting in our early days on This Morning but I still maintain Richard's idea to leave ITV back in 2001 was the correct one. As I told the advertising executives only last week, it is often not the quantity but the quality of the audience.

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