Sunday, 15 February 2009

Poor viewing figures. Our official comment.

I was not going to post about this but with all the paper talk going on I feel it is necessary.

Richard and I are of course disappointed at the poor viewing figures released earlier this week. Our new show struggled to reach the five figure mark. Put into perspective more people watched Leicester City draw 0-0 with Oldham Athletic at the weekend than watched us interviewing Toyah Wilcox about her anal lift.

It would be easy to blame UKTV but we do not believe it is their fault that the show has not been promoted sufficiently. To be honest Richard is taking it a lot harder than I am. He believes, quite rightly I feel, that we both have a lot to offer day time TV. He still believes adamantly that our style is unique.

It is no coincidence that 'A/B' list stars such as Stephen Fry, Ronnie Corbett and Paul Daniels still want to be on our show. We maintain this is because we have a knack, developed over many years, of putting our guests at ease. I will never forget the time I interviewed a young Steve Coogan just after the release of the first series of Alan Partridge. It is difficult to believe now but he was a bundle of nerves and had it not been for Richard calming him down off screen I feel the interview would have graced TV Blunder shows for many years to come.

Steven is not the only guest to suffer from panic attacks. I do not normally divulge celebrity secrets but as Mr Gervais has been so unkind to me recently I don't mind saying that on his first TV interview with us Ricky actually soiled himself live on air. I believe you can download this on You Tube. If I say so myself we handled the situation very professionally indeed. Being aware of Ricky Gervais' discomfort, Richard directed the camera towards me and working on pure TV instinct I just started to Irish Dance.

We took a lot of criticism for cutting that interview short and we were disappointed that Ricky never supported us publically but you live and learn in this business and Richard and I have been learning our trade for some time now. Trust me, we will come back even stronger. If I can bounce back from exposing my Sugar Ray Leonard's at the National TV Awards back in 2000, I can bounce back from anything.

Thank you all so much for your support. It means so much to us.

Kind Regards,



  1. Could you add Subscribe function to your blog Judy so that it comes into Google Reader daily for regular readers ?
    Ricky Gervais .. surely not ... ???

  2. I am not very technical MsCatCalls...How do you do that ?

  3. Look you've done it !
    Just as well as I couldn't remember . These things can always be copied from other posher blogs .....

  4. Hi Judy,I had a similar "do" to yours at the TV awards. It was one valentine's dinner. My how we laughed! I have written about it on my blog, will send you the link!

    Take some time together, see you soon.

  5. Hi Judy. Hopefully things are looking better now.

    If only you and Richard had pointed and laughed when Ricky Gervais dirtied his drawers. Hindsight is a wonderful thing.

  6. Hi Judy came by your blog from Rose's Blog,She is a relative of mine. I live in Manchester. Often wondered why You and Richard left such a succesful show. To go on a not very popular digital channel? Check my Blog all about Manchester. John.