Sunday, 15 February 2009

Another silly letter in the 'Ham and High'.

They must have a new letters editor at the Hampstead and Highgate Express, it's the only possible explanation.

Since my posting of the Ian/Liam Brady letter, I have been sent this one from Jez in Golders Green...


"All my life I have always put a tick in the ‘White British’ box when asked my nationality.

Yesterday my mother informed me that my father wasn’t actually my real father and that infact she had an affair with an Italian waiter whilst on holiday in Rimini nine months before I was born.

My Dad has not got a clue about any of this and assumes I am his real son. Should I try to re-submit all the information I have given over the years or just sweep it under the carpet like I did when I found out my sister, Tracey Tontodonati, was only my half sister ?".

Luigi Smith , Hendon

The name Luigi Smith just makes this so comical, thanks Jez, if you have any more please send me them my way.

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  1. Really funny story!
    Keep going and you will wipe that smug smile of Richard's face, lol!